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Are today's prescribed antibiotics becoming ineffective?


If so what is going to replace them?


         Could our ancestors have stumbled across the answer?

We believe so!!


We believe that Colloidal Silver has made a comeback.

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Nature's Natural Antibiotic.

Colloidal Silver

Despite the negetivity expressed by those bodies who have a vested interest in promoting their own branded products, there is overwelming interest in the curative properties of colloidal silver. Many people who have suffered for years with persistant ailments now have an alternative means of irradicating them, cheaply and effectivelly.

For years now, the apparent successful fight against disease carrying pathagens, conducted by medical researchers with the use of synthetic antibiotics, have inexorably gone into reverse, as those same bacteria and viri have mutated, rendering all but a handful of antibiotics ineffective.

As the medical establishments search for new forms of synthetic antibiotics is stepped up, in an attempt to stem the tide of infections that could overwelm humans, others are taking a renewed interest in an age old method of warding off disease; that is with the use of silver.

Colloidal silver benefits include its ability to hunt down and kill germ disease carrying bacteria, through out the body. It being alkaline, it is seen to be a very powerful natural anti biotic, effective both as an infection fighter and as a tissue healer. Being quickly absorbed into the body it's benefits are said to be quickly apparent.

Considering the denials of it's effectiveness coming from some quarters, it is paradoxical that the usage of silver is increasingly utilised in hospitals. Some examples are, burn dressings, where it is critically important to keep secondary infections at bay; on silver coated door handles preventing the spread of dangerous germs between hospital wards; silver threads woven into the pyjamas of patients in isolation wards, these are but some of the applications in use today.

Medical overseeing bodies are continually attempt to shut down the sale of colloidal silver to the public despite the testamonial evidence of it's usefulness.

Fortunately, the method of producing colloidal silver is relatively easy and can be made for pennies, once the initial equipment is obtained.

The truth will out!











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